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The following appeared in a local paper "L'angérien libre"
It translates as follows 
Meeting with an English cyclo-tourist living in Aveyron, passing through Saint-Savinien last week, who is riding to support the struggle against cancer through a british association.
Tell us a little about you, of your association and what you are doing?                                                                                                                                                                                     
My name is Colin Tillard and I live in Entraygues-sur-Truyère in Aveyron. From time to time I go cycle tour riding and also canoeing and walking.
For several years I have taken part in the annual ride for Cancer Support France (CSF) with English friends living in France. It is an association which collects funds to help in the struggle against cancer. It is overall an association to help Anglophones living in France and who are affected/touched by cancer. In particular it supplies a telephone listening service for patients and, in certain cases, helps with home or hospital visits. It also offers a translation service to help in communication between patients and doctors. The “Ligue contre le cancer” furthermore has signed a partnership agreement with Cancer Support France.
Have you enjoyed the “Flow Velo” route and the village of Saint-Savinien?
The part of the Flow Velo that we have ridden is a good route but unfortunately it is not possible to follow the Charente all the way along as it meanders.
I think that this route is a “work in progress” and it will improve in the future. We visited several pretty villages in your beautiful region and our little group stayed the night in Saint-Savinien. A really charming village which was worth the detour. Additionally, I believe there are many british compatriots here!  
Do you think you will return to this region and what are your future projects with “cycle for life”?
Most of the riders come from the South of France and the great majority of participants would like to return to the Charente Maritime to know the region better. But with covid, it is difficult to plan projects in the medium term…
Alain Grangeret

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