Getting treatment

TreatementMany of these links are English or American. Each country has its own way of dealing with patients. Sometimes the treatment you read about here may not be available, or may be provided in France in a different way.

Web sites can only give generalised information. Your cancer is unique to you. Your treatment programme will therefore be tailored to your needs.

The information provided on this page is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician.

Radiology and Oncology

This is an easy to use 'virtual hospital' website for people concerned about radiology or oncology treatment, set up by the Royal College of Radiologists.


This general term includes replacements for the breast, leg, testicles, or penile implants. Wigs also come into this category. For breast prostheses and adapted lingeries these sites are helpful.

This is the link to the French website for Amoena.

Offers ladies swimwear, underwear with fitting/measuring service.

Treatment centres

The site below provides an interactive map showing where all the authorised treatment centres are. By clicking on the map, the addresses can be found, together with the types of treatment currently offered. The detailed French document explains how centres are authorised.

Click on EN to translate the site into English

Getting treatment in the UK

Once you are registered and living permanently in France, your rights to treatment under the NHS change. See

Arrangements can be made, but this needs to be put in place by your ‘Médecin Traitant’ in France probably in consultation with a UK consultant. You will be liable to charges in the UK. If you are travelling abroad remember to apply for your EHIC card from CPAM. It is free but it must be renewed annually.

This link gives information about health care abroad - 


Getting treatment in another EU country

EU member states have reciprocal arrangements.

This is a good link to European information:


Last updated: April 7th 2019